Bethany Baptist Church
Monday, March 25, 2019

Children & Youth Ministry

"God's Team" (the children's program explained below) will continue to explore the discipline of prayer as we move into the month of May. The children are learning how to pray, remembering that there is no "magic formula". You are invited to bring your children or grandchildren to our program as they learn more about prayer this week.
A new and exciting program for Children's Church at Bethany began on Sunday, March 6th. The new program involves children ages 5 through 9, with a nursery available for children up to 4 years of age. The new program has structured Bible learning tailored to the ages of the children, and incorporates approximately 30 minutes each Sunday (while parents and other adults are participating in regular worship activities). The Bible stories and teaching are led by Debra Shelton. If you would like to assist Debra in the children's classroom, please contact either Janet Irving or Brenda Johnson of our Children's Ministry Team. They would love to have lots of folks willing to help out from time to time. If you have any other questions regarding this new program, please contact the church office by telephone or through the website.
Have you ever seen a bearded back-woods family on TV? Listen to the humorous and side-splitting adventure of the original bearded family that realizes being part of David's Dynasty is open to everyone through a baby born in Bethlehem. Hey! click here to listen to the program, Jack!
Click the links below (PART I & PART II) to see photos from Kingdom Rock 2013 Vacation Bible School

Click below to listen to the Children's Christmas musical "It's A Wonder-full Life."  

 The Children In Action (CIA) meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening at 6:45 at the church from September through May. Please join us for lots of fun and Christian learning activities. The CIA recently sponsored a "Comfort Critter" project. During Vacation Bible School, the children made stuffed animals for children who have experienced crisis due to hurricanes, fires, floods, or tornadoes. When all they have might have been destroyed by the calamity, the children will receive a cuddly critter with a personal message from the child who made it. Over 80 "Comfort Critters" were made by the Bethany children during VBS!  
Latest Kids' Event: 
2012 Easter Egg Hunt:
The children of Bethany participated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt and fun day on Saturday, April 7th.
There were games, food, crafts, and lots of fun for everyone - in addition to the Easter Egg hunting. The older children enjoyed a Bible-themed scavenger hunt.