Bethany Baptist Church
Monday, March 25, 2019

Music Ministry


Bethany's Music Director (photo coming soon)

Mrs. Dorleita Ballard presently serves as the Bethany Baptist Church choir and music director.
From the beginning, The Father had a magnificent plan for the redemption of man. And on a still, starry night in Bethlehem, the Light Of The World was born. This Light would pierce the darkness and bring hope to a hopeless world. Our choir's cantata "Light Of The World" reminds us about this hope. Click here to listen to this wonderful presentation. Presented on December 14, 2014.
ADULT CHOIR:   The Bethany Adult Sanctuary Choir provides most of the special music for regular and special services at the church. This dedicated group of singers meets for practice each Wednesday in the church fellowship hall at 7:00 PM. New choir members are always welcome! You don't have to know how to read music and no prior experience is necessary. All that is required is a desire to sing praises to the Lord.  Come join us!